AIET – Action for Inclusion & Empowerment Trust


Action for Inclusion & Empowerment Trust (AIET) is a voluntary organization based at Kokrajhar, which is being set up by a group of young friends mainly to work towards inclusion and empowerment of marginalized disables and women for realizing inclusive growth and development. It was founded and registered on August 2014. The works of AIET is being supported by grants and donations from grant making agencies and generous individuals. 

Our Mission & Vision

To work towards inclusive society and ensuring the rights of person with disability and women to live a life free from inequality, violence and discrimination.

A society which is caring, inclusive, non discriminatory and violence free where all human beings enjoy equal rights and opportunities irrespective of their disability, gender, caste, ethnicity, religion and class.

Core Objectives

  • To develop among children with disabilities a spirit of self respect, independence and to work with them so that they can overcome feelings of in-adequacy.
  • To take initiative for the conversion of good natural areas for persons with different impairments
  • To impart equipment run training for developing vocational skills.
  • To increase awareness on women and child rights, violence against the women and children.
  • To challenge notions that deems violence against women acceptable.

Basic Strategies

  • Collectivization disable individuals in order fight for their rights. 
  • Create networks of women survivors of gender based violence. 
  • Build capacities of the stakeholders to help realize the vision and mission.

What we need

  • Financial, human and material support. 
  • Creative and innovative ideas. 
  • Relevant Skill and Knowledge Building Support.